What a year for Wayzata!

What a year for the Panoway Project!

The Wayzata Conservancy is proud to report that 2023 was incredibly successful for Panoway! We are grateful for the tremendous community support as we partner with the City of Wayzata to complete the City’s signature project lining its treasured waterfront on the north side of Wayzata Bay of Lake Minnetonka.

This multi-phase initiative addresses critical infrastructure needs on Lake Street and is restoring the Lake Minnetonka shoreline. It will also strengthen the connection between downtown Wayzata and Lake Minnetonka, creating a unique and welcoming experience for the community.

2023 fundraising was our best ever!

Led by two enlightened, lead donors, The Conservancy was able to raise more than $1,500,000 in private funding to complete the City’s needs for phase two of the project. Last summer construction began on Wayzata’s 100-year dream for a lakeside boardwalk (now called the

“Lakewalk”), renovating its deteriorating public docks and renewing its waterfront ecology. Completion is planned for June 2024.

Grand Opening

We are all excited to begin planning for the Grand Opening of the Lakewalk and our new municipal docks. What a celebration we will have as we walk with our friends and family members along the waterfront feeling the ambiance of Lake Minnetonka and enjoying the lake habitat as the boaters, birds and waterfowl have been able to do for the thousands of years before us!

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Grand Opening scheduled for July 13, 2024!

Wayzata Lakewalk

Our shift to Phase 3 fundraising and design

Panoway’s next phase will help preserve Wayzata’s history by restoring the Section Foreman House; offer environmental educational opportunities with the Sandvold Lakeshore learning center and ECO Park; further improve the lakeside ecosystem by restoring its lakeshore; and improve the Depot Park and gardens.

Section Foreman House Preservation & Renovation

Built by Great Northern Railroad as the railway continued to expand in the early 20th century, the house is nestled between the tracks and Lake Minnetonka at the east end of Panoway. With input from a diverse set of community stakeholders, including the Wayzata Historical Society, the City is working to bring this recognized National Historic home back to life.

The vision is a new vibrant lakefront learning center providing indoor and outdoor classrooms and gathering spaces next to the proposed Eco Park that the community will enjoy for generations to come.

After renovations are complete in 2024, this unique Learning Center will continue programing already in progress through our education partners: the YMCA (its Lake Exploration Camp), Wayzata Community Education, IOCP and the Wayzata Sailing Center.

side by side of exterior and interior render of the learning center



Eco Park

In Phase 3, Panoway will also develop an inspirational and rare opportunity for hands-on education for kids, including an outdoor learning environment with the creation of an Eco Park. This new public space surrounding the historic Section Foreman house will restore lakeshore marsh and the shoreline and improve water quality. The park includes an extension of the Lakewalk as a Boardwalk circling the settling pond for Basset’s Creek and opportunities to create “Living Eco-Classrooms” for STEM-based learning along the lakeshore.

Side by Side rendering of Eco Park

How You Can Help

As you consider philanthropic gifts for 2024, we hope you will consider supporting this important project. Please click here to learn more about the different elements of the project and how you can support this work. DONATE

Please help The Wayzata Conservancy create a more connected, environmentally friendly and welcoming lakeshore in Wayzata. Many thanks for your consideration of this request during 2024!

Blake Sandvold – Board Chair

Peter Hitch – Executive Director


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