Panoway on Wayzata Bay

Shared experiences bring people closer together.

For generations, the Wayzata lakefront has provided unique and cherished memories to people from across the state. Now, Panoway on Wayzata Bay is working to make sure this unique asset will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Help us create a more connected, clean and welcoming Lakeshore in Wayzata.

Phase One of Panoway is complete, including the development of the new Plaza Park at Lake Street and Broadway Avenue, improvements to Broadway Plaza, and critical improvements to roads, sidewalks and city utilities.

Future Panoway projects will continue to ensure that Wayzata’s three-thousand feet of open shoreline along Lake Minnetonka remains one of the crowned jewels of this state. The plans include:

Icon - Cattails

Improving the lakeside ecosystem by reintroducing native plant life, restoring habitats, and providing hands-on educational opportunities for kids to learn about science and nature.

Icon Boardwalk

Providing greater public access to Lake Minnetonka and creating a living classroom by adding a lakewalk along the downtown lakeshore, making the area more pedestrian friendly and enhancing the ability of visitors to connect with the waterfront.

Icon Shelter

Preserving Wayzata’s history by renovating and restoring the historic Section Foreman House and improving access to the Wayzata Depot. Together, these buildings will create unique educational opportunities to learn about Wayzata’s past.

Additional benefits of Panoway projects also include:

Icon Adirondack

Promoting art and urban greenspace by creating open, natural spaces where residents can gather, reflect and recharge, and working with local artists to commission work for the community to enjoy.

Icon Town Skyline

Keeping downtown commerce vibrant by attracting residents and guests to visit Wayzata’s premier shops, restaurants, cafes, and gathering spots.