In Progress Panoway Projects

Making a Difference Together

Panoway Phase 2 is now in progress and is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

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In Progress Projects
  1. Lakewalk
  2. Community Docks
  3. Community Docks
  4. Shoreline Restoration






The new Lakewalk will stretch approximately 1,000 feet from the Historic Section Foreman House to the Depot. The Lakewalk includes two unique seating areas with step-downs which create a pleasant and hands-on way to connect with the lake.

Section Foreman House

2Community Docks

Community Docks

Renovated community docks at both the Depot and Broadway will allow more residents and visitors to access Wayzata from Lake Minnetonka.

Eco Park

3Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline Restoration

The growth of Wayzata and the popularity of the lakefront has taken a toll over the years, impacting water quality, plant and animal life, and the health and wellbeing of Lake Minnetonka. Shoreline restoration projects will reverse the contamination of Wayzata’s holding ponds by reintroducing native plants, trees and pollinator habitat and by restoring 2,000 lineal feet of lake edge.

Help us create a more connected, clean and welcoming Lakeshore in Wayzata.