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Panoway Phase 3 is seeking to help raise the $8M to complete the Panoway Project.

Progress Toward Our Fund Raising Goal

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Section Foreman House

The Sandvold Lakeshore Learning Center

Formerly known as the Section Forman House, The Sandvold Lakeshore Learning Center is situated just a few yards from the lake. This historic home is one of the last of its kind still standing in Minnesota. Built by the Great Northern Railroad in 1902 as a residence for railroad foremen and their families, this historic home will be restored and repurposed into a new lakefront learning center, providing indoor and outdoor classroom and community space.

Eco Park

Eco Park

A new park surrounding the Sandvold Lakeshore Learning Center house will restore shoreline marsh and improve water quality. The park includes a pier extension of the lakewalk and opportunities to create “Living Eco-Classrooms” along the lakeshore for STEM based learning.

Depot Park

Depot Park

The expanded and remodeled park surrounding the historic Wayzata Depot will feature expanded gardens and a new restroom facility. Visitors will enjoy new lawns, decks, and terraces with seating, picnic tables and a community hearth.

Help us create a more connected, clean and welcoming Lakeshore in Wayzata.

All of our kind donors are challenging you to help raise the 8 million dollars needed to complete the Panoway Vision.