Raising Awareness and Philanthropic Funds for Panoway

Improving Wayzata's Lakefront

About Panoway

Since the discovery of Lake Minnetonka, its northern shore on Wayzata Bay has become a lakeside playground and gathering place where its wonders were enjoyed bay all. Over tim, it attracted residents and curious visitors whose experiences developed unique and cherished memories of grand views, a boardwalk, a Depot Park, a bandstand, quaint shops, unparalleled fishing and a boater's paradise on the foundation of its rich history.


After years of public input, professional studies and creative design possibilities, the City moved forward with a $12M plan to repair infrastructure and improve its Lake Street walkways and bikeways, build safer RR crossings, create a lakeside park including a playful children's fountain, all of which was completed in 2020.

In Progress

Thanks to $1M in lead gifts from two Wayzata donors completing the $11M plan for the 100-year dream for a boardwalk, now called the Lakewalk, can now be completed together with the renovation of deteriorating public docks and the restoration of lakefront ecology.

On the Horizon

Let's get this visionary project completed! Your donation can help us raise the $8M which will preserve Wayzata's history by restoring the Section Foreman House, now named the Sandvold Learning Center, and improving the Depot Park and gardens. Completion provides the new ECO Park rounding out environmental educational opportunities for all.

The Wayzata Conservancy needs your help to complete Panoway!

All of our kind donors are challenging you to help raise the $8M needed to complete the Panoway Vision.

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